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If you have a disability and require assistance completing the online application, please contact the Human Resources Department of the facility to which you are applying.
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Privacy Agreement 


        Mission:  Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life.
        I  am willing to commit to the following standards of behavior as an employee of HCA:


I will create an exceptional patient/customer experience by providing the highest quality care/service in a compassionate and respectful manner.
I will demonstrate a positive attitude and work collaboratively with my colleagues to achieve our goals as a department and facility.
I will actively listen for needs of patients, visitors, physicians, colleagues, and customers and provide assistance whenever possible.
I will earn the trust of others by holding myself accountable to do what is right at all times. 
I will honor the value of diversity and inclusion, and will treat everyone with dignity and respect. 




In making application for employment:


  • I certified that the information I enter into this applicant tracking system is true and complete for all practical purposes. It may be verified by the facility or any affiliate. Should a position be offered and later it is found that the information is significantly untrue, incomplete, or misrepresented, I understand and agree that the facility or its affiliates are relieved of all commitments, financial or otherwise pertinent to employment, and that I am subject to immediate discharge without recourse.
  • I understand that an investigative report may be made by a consumer reporting agency to include information as to my character, general reputation, personal characteristics, and mode of living, whichever may be applicable. If such an investigative report is made, I understand that I will receive notice that such report has been requested, and that I will have the right to make a written request for a complete and accurate disclosure of additional information concerning the nature and scope of the investigation.
  • I understand and agree that any employee handbook which I may receive will not constitute an employment contract, but will be merely a gratuitous statement of facility policies.
  • I understand that the facility reserves the right to require its employees to submit to blood tests or urinalyses for alcohol or drug screens, or to allow inspection of bags (including purses or briefcases) or parcels brought into or taken out of the facility. I understand that refusal to submit to a urinalysis, blood test or search, when requested to do so, may result in termination of my employment.
  • Compliance with this facility's Substance Abuse Policy is a condition of employment. This facility requires that every new employee be free of alcohol or drug abuse. Each offer of employment is contingent upon successfully completing a urinalysis test/screen for alcohol and drugs in accordance with facility policy. Continued employment is also contingent upon compliance with the facility's Substance Abuse Policy.
  • I agree to immediately disclose to the Company any debarment, suspension, exclusion or other event that makes me ineligible to participate in any Federal healthcare program, or receive a government contract.
  • I understand and agree that if I am offered employment by the facility, my employment will be for no definite term and that the facility may terminate the employment relationship for cause. Cause is defined as a reason for disciplinary action that is not arbitrary, capricious, or illegal, that is based on facts that the employer reasonably believes to be true. Release: I hereby authorize any prior employers to provide such information concerning my employment with them as may be requested, and also authorize the Registrar/Placement Office of all educational institutions attended to release an official copy of my transcript and, if available, faculty appraisals. I also authorize any appropriate licensing board to release full information concerning my licensure status and my licensure history.