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Candidate Consent Agreement 

Thank you for your interest in employment opportunities with HCA Healthcare! To begin please review and acknowledge the candidate consent agreement below:
Candidate Consent Agreement

By agreeing below, I confirm that the information I provide on this application is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge. I agree to include all of my years of experience on my completed application and attachments. I also authorize the organization to consider my application for other similar open position(s) for which I meet the minimum qualifications. Should a position be offered and it is determined that the information is untrue or misrepresented, I understand and agree that the facility or its affiliate(s) does not have any obligation to hire me for the position offered and/or I am subject to discharge from employment. I also represent that I am not subject to any debarment, exclusion, or other event that makes me an ineligible person to participate in any Federal healthcare program or receive a government contract.

I am granting permission to the organization to use my personal mobile phone number and personal email address (e.g., gmail.com, outlook.com) to send communications (e.g., emails, prerecorded voice message calls, and text messages) for purposes related to the application and interview process, my candidacy for a new position, new hire/onboarding process, my position and role with the company, access to company systems and applications, and other pre-hire and/or job-related communications. Example purposes of these communications include maintaining my organization’s accounts (e.g., setting my initial password, unlocking my account, or resetting my password), authenticating my log-in requests where multi-factor is required validating my identity when contacting the organization’s service desk, and as a means of communicating information relevant to my employment and/or workplace. Since this option is offered for my convenience, I understand that I am responsible for any costs that my mobile service provider may charge to receive these communications. I understand that if I am a non-exempt employee, the use of organizational services, such as the Identity Connect portal, must be performed during working hours and no work should ever be performed off-the-clock. Except as necessary to support the organization’s tools, the organization will not share my mobile phone number or personal email address with third parties. I understand that this permission is optional, and if I am unable or unwilling to provide my personal mobile phone number and/or personal email to perform job-related functions, such as those related to maintaining my organization’s accounts or authentication, the company will provide me with an alternate option, (e.g., YubiKey authenticator). I also understand it is my responsibility to notify the company if I want to utilize the alternate option or if my information changes. Privacy Policy